Tps61161 datasheets

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The back light voltage is generated from a TPS61161 boost converter. It is powered directly by the VIN 5 VCC power (the control for the back light voltages is separated from the main board voltages due to the specific voltage requirements of the LCD panel). 4-20 AT91SAM9G45-EKES User Guide 6481B–ATARM–27-Nov-09...

TPS61160/1 is a boost converter that drives LEDs in • 26V Open LED Protection (TPS61160) series. The boost converter runs at 600kHz fixed 38V Open LED Protection (TPS61161) switching frequency to reduce output ripple, improve mt6332p 1-1 mt6320ga 1-2 fan5405 1-3 sm5414 1-4 bq24292i 1-5 smb1357 1-6 ncp1855 1-7 bq24250 1-8 aw3215dnr 1-9 rockchip rk818-2 1-11 mt6328v 1-12 smb345 1-13 bq24157 1-14 mt6351v 1-17 bq24296 1-20 ncp1851 1-21 ----- pm8909 2-22 pm8916 2-23 bq24296m 2-24 mt6350v 2-25 sc2713 2-30 mt6325v 2-31 mt6331p 2-33 pma8084 2-35 hl7005 2-37 pm8956 2-38 pm8110 2-39 mt6329ba 2-40 mt6329a 2-40 smb358s 2-41 ... (TPS61161) fixed switching frequency to reduce output ripple, improve conversion efficiency, and allows for the use •200mV Reference Voltage With ±2% Accuracy of small external components. •Flexible Digital and PWM Brightness Control The default white LED current is set with the external This's latest update document , If this it's wrong , Please report errors to us . yes ... 当然,在具体应用tps61161设计时好的pcb布局布线也有助于更好的降低emi对手机系统的干扰。除了tps61161,德州仪器的tps61160白光led驱动器,tps61165高亮度led驱动器都采用了二次开关技术。具体可以参考德州仪器的产品目录。 eta1168: 38v背光升压,与tps61161完全替代。 6.移动电源: eta9635:1a充电+1a升压,单颗心跳led电量指示、带接口识别、适用卡电、口红移动电源。也可做充电和放电指示2颗灯指示。 eta9639:1a充电+1a升压,单颗心跳led电量指示,适用卡电、口红移动电源。

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