Ly1f datasheets

The LY series is equipped with arc barrier and built-in diode. LY comes in single-, double-, three- and four-pole models. The available mounting types are DIN-rail by socket, PCB & flange mounting.

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Catalog Number [size] Last Update LY Data Sheet -[7618KB] Oct 01, 2019. 20191001. LY Data Sheet: Product Category. Relays. General Purpose Relays. For Control Panel ... 2 OF 4 6/01/01 DS300306 PARAMETER TEST CONDITIONS SYMBOL MIN TYP MAX UNITS Collector-Emitter Breakdown IC = 10 mA, Ee = 0 BVCEO 25 — V Emitter-Base Breakdown IE = 100 µA, Ee = 0 BVEBO 12 — V

General Purpose Relay LY 3 Specifications Contact Data Coil Data 1- and 2-pole Types – AC 1- and 2-pole Types – DC Note: 1. The rated current and coil resistance are measured at a coil temperature of 23°C (73°F) with tolerances of +15%, -20% for AC rated