Ibm 3490 tape drive specifications sheet

Keeping up with changing storage demands is easy with Oracle’s flexible StorageTek SL4000 modular library system, which can scale from 300 to 9,000 slots and from 1 to 120 tape drives. The base library supports up to 339 slots and up to 24 tape drives, supporting up to 4 PB in a single frame. Scale up to 108.2 PB within a single library by

IBM® TS4300 Tape Library is a high-density, highly scalable, easy-to-manage tape library designed to keep data securely stored long-term, while helping reduce the costs associated with data center space and utilities. Its modular design enables users to increase cartridge and drive capacity as needed. PowerVault TL1000 Tape Autoloader Scalability of up to 480TB (native) each per ML3 and ML3E Up to 108TB (native) Scalable SAN backup base model plus expansion will scale up to 21U with addition of six ML3E (3U expansion modules) Entry-level tape automation for large servers or small workgroups Features Drive type LTO-6, LTO-7, LTO-8 LTO-6, LTO ...

3590 Tape drives by IBM, Fujitsu and JVC provide a reliable, cost-effective solution with the increased use of different operating systems and platforms. Tape automation solutions must provide the ability to connect multiple platforms, enabling the sharing of both tape technology and automation. Nov 08, 2011 · ASCII art demo with vintage HP 85 computer, HP 7970E 9-track tape and HP 2631G dot matrix printer - Duration: 6:42. CuriousMarc 19,452 views

The 3490 Model F01 is a desk-side, low-priced 3490E tape library designed for the RS/6000* and AS/400* systems. Included are a 10-cartridge enclosed autoloader, a 3490E tape transport capable of reading and writing 36-track and 18-track magnetic tape cartridges in uncompressed or compressed mode, a 16-bit, fast/wide, SCSI-2 Differential ... IBM Tape Library & Drive Service & Repair. Strategic Support Solutions understands the complex workings of IBM Tape Library and Drive service and repairs. We have maintenance options, parts inventory and over 20 years of hands-on experience with IBM Tape libraries and drives to suit every need and budget. IBM Systems and Technology Data Sheet. IBM LTO Ultrium 6 Data Cartridge . High-capacity tape media designed for reliability and longevity. Highlights Achieve increased capacity Ensure optimal data security Support IBM® Linear Tape File System™ Meet stringent Linear Tape-Open (LTO) Ultrium Generation 6 specifications