Crested gecko care sheet humidity forecast

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TEMPERATURE, LIGHTING, & HUMIDITY: The ideal temperature for Crested Geckos should be between 70-78 degrees, basically room temperature. A temperature of 83 or more will lead the gecko to stress, which could lead to illness or death of the gecko. Crested Geckos should receive between 12 to 14 hours of light most of the year.

Gargoyle Gecko Care Sheet – Temperature One of the many wonderful things about these geckos is that they do not require any special type of lighting such as UBV. It is up to you whether you to use it or not, as the gecko will not suffer if you do not. Commercial crested gecko food, which is a complete balanced diet. This powder can also be used to dust insects. As a treat, provide a variety of insects, including gut-loaded (recently fed) crickets, mealworms and waxworms. Sweet baby foods, such as peach, banana or apricot can be mixed with the crested gecko diet and offered as a treat. Feeding Suitable Humidity in the Crested Gecko Terrarium. Because they hail from tropical rainforests, crested geckos require high humidity levels to thrive. Different keepers prefer to maintain slightly different humidity levels, but generally speaking, you’ll want to shoot for a relative humidity of 50% to 80%.

Crested Gecko CARE SHEET Crested geckos, ENVIRONMENT The vivarium must be secure to prevent escape and free from hazards that might cause injury. Good ventilation is essential to prevent bacterial infections. Crested geckos need a tall vivarium. An adult requires a 45cm wide by 60 cm tall and 45cm deep enclosure at minimum. download other helpful Care Sheets. This care sheet can cover the needs of other species. See for more information. rhacodactylus ciliatus Crested Gecko average adult size: 5 to 8 inches average life span: 5 to 10 years with proper care diet: omnivore Will reach adult size in 9-12 months, under ideal con-