J80 jib sheet length

North Sails Tuning Guide J/80 Ver. 06. In the last ten years we have actively been involved in J/80 racing, in order to develop sails and sail trim. The experiences it gave us we have summarized in this second version of our trim guide. Sail design is continuously developed and our exciting models are vigorously tested in our design programs

Apr 16, 2011 · Guys, I need to order some new jib and genoa sheets. Boats still in storage; could you please remind me the length of a J24s genoa and jib sheets? If memory serves, genoa sheets are 42; jib sheets are much less but I cant recall exactly. J80 Rope Package J80 Rope Package from Ocean Rope – The J Boat rope experts! Our J80 rope packages offers a low stretch upgrade to the factory supplied rope. All the rope complies with the International J80 Class rules. For more information regarding our rope or customisation required, please contact us at [email protected]

Jib Sheet. The jib shape is achieved by three controls; jib sheet tension, jib car placement and jib halyard control. The sheet tension has the most obvious effect. The jib sheet controls the leech twist and how far the sail is pulled in. If you look at the overall sail as it relates to the sheet, it does two things. J/80's Performances Upwind sail area to displacement i The ratio sail area to displacement is obtained by dividing the sail area by the boat's displaced volume to the power two-thirds. The ratio sail area to displacement can be used to compare the relative sail plan of different sailboats no matter what their size. Oct 05, 2006 · The wording "Trimming the lazy windward sheet to barber haul the jib" suggests the intent was to literally trim the lazy sheet on the primary winch. But since it was lifted word-for-word from the J/105 class rules, I think what was really intended was to inhaul by tying the lazy sheet to coach roof grab rail with a round turn and a slipped half ...

•Attach the head of the jib to one end of the jib halyard. If one end of the halyard has a loop, use that end with a shackle. If neither end has a loop, use either end and tie a bowline. •Attach the jib sheets to the clew of the jib. In general, the jib sheets are a single length of rope attached to the jib half way along. In some The jib has a sheet on each side, only one of which (the leeward one) will be in use at one time. The spinnaker sheet attaches to the clew(s) of the spinnaker , if carried. A symmetrical spinnaker has two sheets, an "active" one and a "lazy" one, in the same way as a jib, but they are attached to the sail's two separate clews. The jib sheet is continuous and we recommend the use of 8mm to ensure a good grip and comfortable handling. However, the sail ends can be tapered down to save weight. The core of the 8mm Superswift is 5mm and so an additional 2mm, SK78 single braid is added to the core to maintain the class minimum diameter requirement.